FLASHBACK: Bon Jovi - Amway Arena 1989

The Amway Arena opened on January 29th 1989... and just over a week later, it held it's first major rock show... Bon Jovi and opening act Skid Row... It was my first big arena show. This was before Tickmaster.com and StubHub. You had to wait in line, in person, overnight, for the chance to buy tickets. That's what we did... we waited all night behind Specs Records and Tapes in Sanford... the old Walmart Plaza. We ended up with some really good seats and my group of middle school friends and I, rocked out to the show. I remember it like it was yesterday! I found the review from the Orlando Sentinel from 1989... Because back then, if you weren't there, there was no social media to see it... no YouTube to watch it on later... You might get a few photos from a camera that you snuck in, or you could buy them from the guy that had a booth at Flea World... Other than that, reading about the show was the only choice if you missed it!


By Thom Duffy of The Sentinel Staff

Orlando Sentinel

February 13, 1989

The Orlando Arena had seen its debut crowds for comedy, country, college basketball and even a symphony pop concert. But Friday night it belonged to the fans who probably will pack the place most often in the months and years ahead.

It belonged to the rock 'n' roll kids of Central Florida.

This was their night and their show, an inaugural rock blowout to the pop-metal beat of Bon Jovi and opening act Skid Row. The fans, 15,000 strong and mostly teen-age, were almost as loud as the bands they had come to see, hear and cheer.

From the moment singer Jon Bon Jovi burst onto the stage, propelled from a trapdoor below amid exploding golden sparks, the singer and the band that bears his name gave a fine, fun performance that was ideal as the arena's rock debut..."

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