Stephanie Murphy says she feared for her life during the Capitol riot

During Tuesday's first House select committee hearing into the January 6th riot at the Capitol, Central Florida Congresswoman Stephanie Murphy said she feared for her life during the attack. Police officers who defended the building that day testified before Murphy and other committee members. Murphy said she and another Congresswoman had taken refuge in an office in the basement and thought they were safe.

"Officer Fanone, you had said he were 250 feet off of that tunnel and you felt certain that they were going to kill you," Murphy said. "Imagine if they had caught the two members of Congress that were just 40 feet from where you all were."

Congresswoman Murphy told Washington Metropolitan Police Department officer Fanone, 'you were our last line of defense."

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy is calling the hearings a 'partisan sham' because the committee consists of 7 Democrats- including Murphy- and two Republicans- all selected by House Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Murphy says the panel's work is vitally important.

"January 6th was an attack on our democracy, it was an attack on the peaceful transfer of power and it was an attack on this Capitol building but it was also an attack on real people."

Murphy thanked the officers for their 'bravery on January 6th and for your service to our country."

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