Boca Raton Holds Off On Condo Recertification Proposal Vote

Hundreds Missing After Residential Building In Miami Area Partially Collapses

Photo: Getty Images North America

The Boca Raton City Council took no votes on a proposal to bring a new condominium recertification ordinance to the city.

It would be stricter than the rules currently in place in Miami-Dade and Broward counties to the south.

It would also be the first such ordinance in Palm Beach County. County Commissioners have recently started discussing coming up with a recertification plan, based on metrics like the age and location of a building.

All of this in the wake of the deadly Surfside collapse in Miami-Dade a month ago that claimed the lives of 98 people.

The proposal officials in Boca Raton are considering would require buildings with at least four stories, or with an occupancy of over 500 people, to undergo automatic safety inspections when they turn 30 years old, and then have to go through the recertification process every ten years going forward.

If any deficiencies are found during these safety inspections, building owners would have six months to make those repairs.

The council will have another meeting August 24, to hold more discussions, public comments and likely a vote on the matter.

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