An infant is among the latest deaths from COVID-19 in Orange County

A baby is among the 56 COVID-19 deaths reported in Orange County since last week by health director Dr. Raul Pino.

"The age range for the deaths was zero to 95," Dr. Pino said. "That means someone younger than one and we will not give any details about that individual at all."

The county's positivity rate for new cases continues to decline and is now 13.31 percent- down from 20 or 21 percent not long ago. Dr. Pino says the pandemic's summer surge has plateaued

"With regard to the cases, yes we have peaked. Probably two weeks ago. With regard to deaths- difficult to say. We are still experiencing some reporting from May or July."

71-percent of Orange County's eligible population has now received at least one dose of the vaccine.

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