Florida Teacher In Compromising Photo Has Parents Concerned

Martin County High School

Photo: CBS 12

Parents of kids at Martin County High School are concerned after a photo believed to be of a teacher has been making the rounds.

It shows the man, almost completely naked, kneeling on a bed wearing a collar and a blindfold.

Parent Tara Fjalstad weighs in to our CBS 12 partners.

"You have a teacher wearing bondage stuff at a high school. Not okay."

Another parent, Joanna Mendez, says that teachers "need to be role models to our children and I don't think that that type of picture should be out there with someone that our children are with each day."

Martin County School District spokesperson Jennifer DeShazo says the district is looking into it.

"He's reassigned while the investigation continues to a central office fucntion that does not involve contact with students."

She didn't say how students got a hold of the photo and where it originated.

The school's principal sent a message to parents on Wednesday afternoon, saying all employees of the school district are held to the highest standards of ethical, moral and legal conduct.

The Sheriff's Office says the photo by itself does not constitute a crime, so they are not investigating.

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