Drive Thru Challenge Is On At McDonald's For Fast Food Chain's Non-Profit

Ronald McDonald House Charities

Photo: Ronald McDonald House Charities

The next time you go to McDonald's, you can help out its non-profit partner by rounding up your purchase to the nearest dollar or give an extra one, three or five bucks for Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida.

"It's a temporary lodging facility for families that have very seriously sick children who need to come to South Florida, looking for the best medical care."

Executive Director Soraya Rivera-Moya says the Ronald McDonald House is on the campus of Jackson Memorial Medical Center in Miami, where many out-of-towners go for serious treatments by specialists.

Soraya says the young patients' family members are given a place to stay that has all of the comforts of home.

And the non-profit is in need of help this year.

"Through the pandemic we had to cancel all of our fundraising events. So it was a pretty hard time. McDonald's stepped up to the plate and decided that they wanted to raise funds through the community and through their customers."

The Second Annual Drive Thru Challenge is running through December 12 at all area McDonald's locations with a goal of raising $2 million, after a total of $1.23 million was donated across the Southeast U.S. last year.

Click Here for more details on Ronald McDonald House Charities of South Florida.

Craving McDonald’s and looking for ways to donate but don’t want to wait? There’s an app for that. Customers also now have the easy, convenient option to make an RMHC donation of $1, $3 or $5 by placing their order through the McDonald’s app, while also earning rewards.

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